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tPMCrafty Software Privacy Statement
This page provides the privacy statement for users of tPMCrafty software (a computer application which runs separately from this website).
Last updated 07 August 2023. tPMCrafty Version 2 onwards.
This privacy statement relates to tPMCrafty computer application (not the website where this statement is posted).

1. Information Collection and Use
tPMCrafty software does not collect or store any personal data.  
The app contains web browsing capabilities which are provided by Apple's iOS/macOS Webkit Framework (on iPad and macOS) and Edge Chromium (on Windows).  
Other than using the Operating System's browser capabilities, the tPMCrafty app will access and download webdata in two other cases:
  1. When a PDF is opened in the browser, the app will re-open and download the PDF for processing.
  2. When the Spider Wizard button is clicked, the app will attempt to open a series of web addresses on the currently selected domain, as explained in the confirmation box.
Other than for the browser function and the two situations mentioned above, the app does not access or transmit data over the internet.
The application processes the text files you select and will save them in the destination folder that you select.

2. Log Data
No log data is collected.

3. Security
No data is transmitted over the internet or over networks from this app, except using the operating system's browser capabilities (outlined above).  

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